How to Protect PC / Laptop from Viruses?

Sometimes, you may face some unexpected errors in PC like automatically staring & closing of Applications, slow down working of your PC / Laptop, files corrupted.

So it is very important to protect your PC from viruses .


How to Protect PC / Laptop from Viruses?

Here are some tips to save your PC from Viruses.



Use a firewall:

Windows Firewall or any other firewall app can help notify you about suspicious activity if a virus or worm tries to connect to your PC.

It can also block viruses, worms, and hackers from trying to download potentially harmful apps to your PC.


Install Mcafee with Product Key for more security of your PC.


Always Keep your Windows Updated:

Microsoft discharges extraordinary security refreshes that can help ensure your PC.

These updates can help avert infections and other malware assaults by shutting conceivable security gaps.


Use Complex and Secure Passwords:

Complex passwords are troublesome for the programmers to discover.

Utilize a watchword that is no less than 8 characters long and incorporate a mix of numbers, letters that are both upper and lower case and an extraordinary character.

Programmers utilize certain devices to soften simple passwords up couple of minutes. One late examination demonstrated that a 6 character watchword with all lower case letters can be softened up under 6 minutes!


Install Antivirus Software:

Antivirus is one different intends to secure the PC. It is programming that shields the PC from any unapproved code or programming that makes a danger to the framework.

Unapproved programming incorporates infections, keyloggers, trojans and so on. This may back off the preparing rate of your PC, erase imperative documents and access individual data.

Regardless of whether your framework is without infection, you should introduce an antivirus programming to keep the framework from additionally assault of infection.


For more security & safety : install



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