Windows 10 control tips: Secret alternate ways to your most loved settings

It is safe to say that you are worn out on navigating classifications to locate a particular Windows 10 setting? In the event that you know the correct orders, you can make easy routes that take you to particular pages with a solitary snap. Ed Bott shares this trap, alongside many charges that will take you to the Settings pages you have to visit.

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As Windows 10 has developed, Microsoft has moved gigantic pieces of the old Control Panel to the new, current Settings application. Be that as it may, exploring to particular goals in the new application can be similarly as dull as it was in the long time past days.

Luckily, there’s an approach to make a single tick easy routes for most famous settings pages utilizing summons that start with ms-settings, trailed by a colon and the name of the page you need to hop to.

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For instance, ms-settings:network-status takes you to the principal page in the Network and Internet class, where you can check the status of your system connector and discover alternate ways to for all intents and purposes all other system settings.

In like manner, ms-settings:windowsupdate-history takes you straight to the page that rundowns all updates you’ve introduced. Ordinarily, you’d need to click Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > View Installed Update History to arrive.

Obviously, composing that long charge at a summon provoke or in the Run discourse box has neither rhyme nor reason contrasted with looking or clicking for that setting. However, you can utilize that order to make an alternate way on the work area or another most loved area so it’s constantly accessible


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