Work Faster in OneNote with These Keyboard Shortcuts

When you’re rapidly composing up notes in OneNote, you don’t have room schedule-wise to upset the mouse. OneNote packs more than 100 console alternate ways, however these are the ones you’ll likely utilize frequently:

Ctrl+Alt+D: Dock the OneNote window so you can utilize it one next to the other with another application, similar to your program

Ctrl+Shift+C: Copy the organizing of chose content (utilize the Format Painter)

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Ctrl+Shift+V: Paste the designing of the chose content

Alt+N: Open the Insert menu, with extra alternate routes featured. For instance, in the wake of squeezing Alt+N, the embed menu indicates you would now be able to press A to embed and begin recording sound or press R to make and embed a screen cutting

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Ctrl+1: Add, stamp, or clear the To Do tag

Ctrl+Alt+N: Create another page underneath the present one at a similar level (squeezing Ctrl+N makes another page, however puts it at the base of the page list)

Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N: Create another subpage underneath the present one

Ctrl+T: Create another area

Ctrl+E: Open the pursuit box

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Since OneNote utilizations rich content organizing much like Microsoft Word and other word processors, other general content editing console alternate routes likewise apply, such Ctrl+K to embed a hyperlink or utilizing the control and bolt keys to move the cursor a word to one side or left. Look at our rundown of these content determination alternate ways here.

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