How to Divide a Large Migration into Several Batches?

The CSV document can contain up to 50,000 lines, one column for every client, and can be as expansive as 10 MB. In any case, it’s a smart thought to move clients in a few littler groups.

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In the event that you intend to relocate heaps of clients, choose which ones to incorporate into each group.

For instance, in the event that you have 10,000 records to move, you could run four bunches with 2,500 clients each.

You could likewise partition the groups one after another in order; by client write, for example, personnel, understudies, and graduated class; by class, for example, first year recruit, sophomore, junior, and senior; or in different ways that address your association’s issues.


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Provide User or Administrator Credentials:

In the CSV document, you need to give the client name and secret word for the client’s on-premises account. This empowers the relocation procedure to get to the record.

There are two approaches:

Use user credentials:

This requires you get clients’ passwords or that you change their passwords to an esteem that you know so you can incorporate it in the CSV document.


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Use Super-user or Administrator Credentials:

This requires you utilize a record in your IMAP informing framework that has the important rights to get to all client post boxes.

In the CSV record, you utilize the qualifications for this record for each line. To learn whether your IMAP server underpins this approach and how to empower it, see the documentation for your IMAP server.


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Format for the Administrator Credentials for Different IMAP Servers:

You can utilize the client name and secret key of a chairman account in the UserName and Password fields for each column of the CSV document.

The client name for head accreditations is a blend of the client name for the individual whose email is being relocated and the client name for a manager account that has authorization to get to all client post boxes.

The upheld organize for overseer qualifications is diverse relying upon the IMAP server you’re moving email from.


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