How to Set up Time in Chat on Skype?

The present talk application shows the time period of each message line by it. This is the default setting for any talk application.

Be that as it may, now and again individuals need to smaller the message casing and need to shroud the visit time, for example, on Skype how to do?

To shroud time see in talk discussions on Skype is exceptionally basic, we simply need to change the settings in the record is finished. In the article underneath, we will direct you how to cover up or demonstrate time in talk discussions on Skype.


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Stage 1:

Above all else, you agree to accept a Skype account on your gadget. At the primary interface, we tap on Tools and afterward select Options . Or on the other hand we can press Ctrl + .

Set up on Skype


Stage 2:

Shows up the Skype exchange – Options. Here, the client tap on IM and SMS> IM Appearance in the menu on the left hand side. Look to one side, you go to the Show timestamp by texts and after that deactivate this alternative.

At long last snap Save to spare the new changes to Skype.


Conceal Skype visit time

Presently you open any discussion in Skype and will see the time showed in each visit vanishes. What’s more, this change will be connected to all the Skype discussions you are talking with.


Conceal time in Skype visit

Subsequently, the visit outline on Skype is neater than when we conceal the notice time. On the off chance that you need to re-show that time, simply tick the Show timestamp beside text, at that point click Save.


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